Nokia’s OZO VR Camera costs a redonk amount. Adobe encourages people not to use Flash. And Oneplus is selling iphone 6…cases. All this PLUS a scroll-able Samsung phone on this episode of Netlinked Daily.

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Nokia OZO VR camera overview

Nokia OZO, the Finnish company’s 360degree virtual reality camera, is now offered in Europe for €55,000 (£43,000).

The OZO can capture 360degree audio and video in full stereoscopic 3D for playback on virtual reality headsets. Its 8 synchronised cameras record fully-spherical footage while the same quantity of mics recreate the direction that recorded sound originated from.

The camera, which looks similar to a futuristic (and very expensive) hairdryer, can also be mounted to a drone for recording aerial footage.

Nokia has put the OZO to the test recording footage of astronauts wearing spacesuits in immersion pools at Nasa headquarters in Houston, Texas. Other footage demonstrated by Nokia at a launch event in London included a band playing on the top of a skyscraper and a video clip where a grizzly bear discovers an unsuspecting gang of campers.

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