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This Tecno Phantom 6 Plus Video review basically shows you the smartphone, including specs and features.

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Tecno L9 Plus. Power just received an upgrade

You may perhaps remember the Tecno L8 from last year with it’s crazy 5050 mAh battery and the best endurance score of all the devices we had ever reviewed at the time.

Now they have the L9 Plus and it’s been spruced up a bit more. I don’t would like to give away too much so allow me to take you step-by-step through the unboxing.

At A Glance

+ Bigger and a lot better looking screen than that on the L8

+ The audio is truly amazing specifically over a good set of ear buds

+ Battery life is enough to maintain you connected for days. Literally.

+ The design is much more refined and better looking

+ Finger marks reader in this budget isn’t too common

+ Rapid Charging is especially effortless given the size of the battery

+ No getting too hot issues here

+ Pricing is pretty affordable

– It’s still underpowered

– Cameras could be enhanced

– Without 4G LTE support

– The keys should require a backlight

Tecno L9 Plus. Power just got an upgrade

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