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The Vidius by Axis Drones “Worlds Smallest FPV Drone” reviewed by The Berserk Gamer

The worlds smallest fpv done with wifi by Axis Drones, the Vidius thank you guys so much for watching please let me know if you guys enjoyed the video all the editing was done by the bearded guy so give him some credit also thank you!!! and plz leave a comment! source Axis Vidius video […]

Tech review: Axis Vidius drone

Tech advisor Jim Rossman takes control of the tiny Axis Vidius drone. The $75 gadget is only around 2″ square and can fly for 5-7 minutes on a charge. It includes a 420p camera that records video to your Smartphone. And speaking of Smartphones, you can control the Vidius with an iPhone or Android, or […]

Axis VIDIUS Drone Test Flight + Footage

Pre orders yours! https://www.axisdrones.com More reviews coming soon! Comments or questions ► pyrodroneus@gmail.com Follow me on Instagram ► http://instagram.com/pyro.drone SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE GREAT CONTENT ► http://www.youtube.com/PyroDroneChannel Thank you for watching and subscribing! PyroDrone – Let’s Soar! source Axis Vidius video drone Bottom line I wasn’t really impressed by the Vidius drone. It’s nearly 3 times […]

VIDIUS – World’s Smallest FPV Drone by Axis Drones

The all-new Axis VIDIUS Drone is the World’s Smallest First Person View Drone™, http://axisdrones.com capable of flying up to 100 feet away, performing 360 degree flips and rolls all while streaming and recording live video! You can control the VIDIUS from your Android or Apple device or the included 2.4 gHz controller. The live video […]