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LG Nexus 5X la recensione di Telefonino.net

Do You Know The NEXUS 5X? The Nexus 5X is the smaller and lower-price alternative in Google’s present phone line-up. It is located behind the Huawei-manufactured Nexus 6P, which possesses a bigger 6in. display screen, marginally quicker hardware and a higher, £449 asking price. In contrast, the £339 Nexus 5X is significantly less expensive than […]

Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 la recensione di Telefonino.net

Nuova generazione del wearable coreano: Tizen a bordo, e con un’interfaccia inedita e funzionale. source Summary: Samsung delivers mind-blowing features in its Gear S2.. a full package of features just in one watch. Samsung Gear S2 is hitting all of the records due to its specifications and features. Samsung Gear S2 review, specifications and selling […]