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SJCam SJ4000 Plus 2k Park 1080p 60fps

Product Info: http://www.banggood.com/SJcam-SJ4000-Plus-2K-Novatek-Waterproof-WiFi-Car-DVR-Sports-Camera-p-980664.html?p=R41421047941201201@Y This is the new SJCam SJ4000 plus 2k action camera. I mounted it onboard my Cheerson CX-20 with Walkera 2D gimbal. 1st park flight recorded at 1080p 60fps, the camera can also record 2k but only at 30fps, I happen to like this for flight videos the 60fps gives you smoother, higher […]

Axis VIDIUS Drone Test Flight + Footage

Pre orders yours! https://www.axisdrones.com More reviews coming soon! Comments or questions ► pyrodroneus@gmail.com Follow me on Instagram ► http://instagram.com/pyro.drone SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE GREAT CONTENT ► http://www.youtube.com/PyroDroneChannel Thank you for watching and subscribing! PyroDrone – Let’s Soar! source Axis Vidius video drone Bottom line I wasn’t really impressed by the Vidius drone. It’s nearly 3 times […]