Hello Friends, In this video I am going to show how to “How To Speed Up WordPress Load Times” using 2 plugins. (1) W3 Total Cache & (2) WP Smush.it

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WordPress Speed Optimization
Optimizing WordPress Loading Speed With W3 Total Cache plugin
Optimizing WordPress Loading Speed With WP Smush.it plugin

LiteSpeed Cache Setups to Increase The Speed Of WordPress blogs

Required: You internet hosting must have LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise installed and the server needs to be set up to have caching allowed. If you are the server administrator, take a peek https://www.litespeedtech.com/support/wiki/doku.php/litespeed_wiki:cache:common_installation#web_server_configuration. Otherwise request that your server administrator configure the cache root for your server.

In the .htaccess file for your WordPress installation, insert the following: (this step is not nessessary for LiteSpeed cache wordpress plugin which will add the codes by itself)

CacheLookup public on

Instructions for OpenLiteSpeed

Our OLS integration is right now in beta. This integration makes use of OLS’s cache module. Remember to refer to the instructions right here. http://open.litespeedtech.com/mediawiki/index.php/Help:How_To_Set_Up_LSCache_For_WordPress

Install LiteSpeed cache plugin on your wordpress web site in an effort to make it possible for litespeed cache

The LiteSpeed cache plugin mandates that you’re not using the plain permalinks option. You can modify this by going to WordPress your administrator interface and after that ‘Settings => Permalinks‘. In most instances WordPress blogs are set up to use day and name but you can set them to either of the options and save the alterations

You now are ready to install the LiteSpeed cache plugin. You can achieve this by logging into your WordPress administrator screen then visiting ‘Plugins‘ and clicking ‘Add New‘. On this web page enter in Litespeed in the search bar and you’ll see the LiteSpeed cache plugin come out “Install” and then “Activate”

The way to test the wordpress plugin

The LiteSpeed Cache Plugin employs LiteSpeed specific response headers.
Traversing to a web page the first time should result in a
response header for the web page.
Next requests should get the X-LiteSpeed-Cache-Control:hit
response header till the page is updated, out of date, or purged. Please click this web page to find out more.

Look at the monitor shot here

Please note: Are you continuously getting X-LiteSpeed-Cache-Control:no-cache response headers ? Please be certain you’ve been logged out of your web site.

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