Beim SFGV Tag 2016 präsentierte Polar ihr neues “Polar Club System” sowie die “Polar A360”. Beim Polar Club System handelt es sich um einen Web-Service, der sowohl vom Centerbetreiber, als auch vom Fitnesstrainer und vom Trainierenden genutzt werden kann. Die Polar A360 ist ein Activity Tracker, der die Herzfrequenz direkt am Handgelenk messen kann. Wie diese zwei Produkte genau funktionieren, erfahren Sie im Interview!


Polar A360 introduction

All that being said, the A360 is a good product, but if you’re primarily seeking a fitness tracker that can track many different workouts and convey smartphone cautions, the Garmin Vivosmart HR is the better choice at a lower price.

The Good

Easy-to-customize design with interchangeable bands.
Device and app recommend methods to assist you to complete your everyday goal.
Heart monitor is really accurate; you can hook up to a Polar H7 chest strap too.

The Bad

Can not read full phone notifies on the screen.
Very small charging port cover goes missing easily/
App has issues when synchronizing over Bluetooth.
$199 is a little high, in particular compared with its opponents.

The Ugly

The small plastic-made flap protecting the charging port is the most bothersome thing to handle when you simply want to charge your tracker.

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