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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a phablet. One of the very best on the market right now, actually. But its 5.7-inch screen can be a polarizing factor. So much so that another popular device, the iPhone 6, will likely also come to mind if you’re considering a new handset. Especially if you’re uncertain that a larger screen is necessarily the better choice…


With the release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 drawing close, the rumors on the specifications and price are only getting louder.

As per IB Times, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 specifications are expected to get over the iPhone 7.

“The Note 6 will be launched in two CPU editions, one featuring a Exynos 8890 chipset and the other one powered by Snapdragon 820 chip,” it said.

As to the display specifications, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will feature a slim RGB matrix AMOLED screen, which consumers of Galaxy S II have an understanding of. The display also is proud of 2560×1440 pixel Quad HD resolution.

Mobi Picker, meanwhile, shared rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 featuring 6 GB of RAM. Even so, it noted that the original reports originated from China so the authenticity may seem suspect.

GalaxyNote website also reported original reports of the camera specifications for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 which will reportedly feature 32 megapixels and 9-megapixel front snapper. The company also didn’t scrip on the battery this time as the device will feature a 4200 mAh of power.

As to the price, the report claimed that it’ll cost somewhere within $750 to $850 US dollars, which would be pretty costly even if less than the basic iPhone 7 which is anticipated to cost roughly $875 for the 16GB model and above $1,100 for the 128GB model.

Original rumors indicated that the release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be in August prior to the IFA 2016 in Berlin, which allows the company to jump the gun on the launch of iPhone 7 in September this year.

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