RED Hydrogen One: A modular smartphone with holographic display and Android.

This new smartphone is a creation of RED, the famous and respected manufacturer of some of the most advanced cameras in the world and which are the standard in Hollywood, is named ‘Hydrogen One’, being the first device of this type by Part of the company. Among its benefits promises to show 3D images without the need for lenses thanks to its ‘holographic display’, the first and only of its kind are few data and details about this ‘Hydrogen One’, RED mentions that it is a smartphone With Android being equipped with a “professional holographic display” of 5.7 inches, which the company is able to display 2D and 3D images as well as holographic content of four angles RED mentions that this screen makes use of nanotechnology to change Between 2D, 3D and holograms, if that were not enough, RED says its ‘Hydrogen One’ is equipped with its proprietary algorithm and proprietary H3O, which will be able to transform stereo sound into ‘multidimensional expansive audio’. In short, a 5.1 surround sound simulation either through the loudspeakers of the device or through headphones. This new smartphone will be modular in the style of the Moto Z family, where additional accessories will be centered on technology.

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