Rapoo V20 Optical Gaming Mouse Review: affordable and amazingly great

Review Rapoo V20 Optical Gaming Mouse cheap and amazingly good 2

The Rapoo V20 isn’t the most innovative computer mouse on the planet. It senses a little light-weight, truly very plasticky and the optical sensor, while accurate, isn’t anything which will set the gaming world burning. But put together all those features with the definitely unrivaled price tag and you own one of the greatest affordable gaming mice we’ve ever found. The right-handed mouse is properly designed and also fits perfectly in the palm with all five buttons in close range and the scroll wheel is among the better ones we’ve used in a while.

The right and left clicks of the mouse are reliable and have a good long actuation which makes it suited to palm as well as claw grips. Inside of the plastic shell is a brand-new Rapoo ARM core, some built-in memory for profiles and macros and one of the brightest RGB lights we’ve viewed.

Review Rapoo V20 Optical Gaming Mouse cheap and amazingly good 3

It makes for pretty the eye-capturing vision as the mouse cycles through the colors, with the glowing bright through the charmingly ostentatious lightning patterns covering the body. Garish RGB lighting is probably not for everybody, but the illumination and quality of the light is outstanding given the affordable price of the computer mouse, and is all but sure to draw over a little comment.

When using the V20, we noticed a few seconds of mouse delay, but not towards the degree that it made games out of work or work untenable. You obtain what you spend on, and for $35 you obtain a fairly excellent basic level gaming mouse with a few really showy lighting.


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