Polar Sea 360 is a multi-media expedition through the Northwest Passage. Composed of an in-depth website, a mobile app, a 360° interactive film and a 10-part documentary TV series (TVO, ARTE), The Polar Sea, unearths the new Arctic: a fascinating environment affected by climate change and open to amateur explorers seeking adventure. We travel with sailors, scientists, hunters and artists on a quest from Iceland to Alaska that was practically impossible a decade ago and using revolutionary 360° video viewers can literally immerse themselves in the beauty of the Arctic.

Visit http://polarsea360.arte.tv/ for more 360 video content.


Polar A360 bottom line

All that being said, the A360 is a fine product, but if you’re mostly hunting for a fitness tracker that can track multiple workouts and deliver phone warnings, the Garmin Vivosmart HR is the more sensible choice at a lower price.

The Good

Easy-to-customize design with interchangeable bands.
Device and app suggest ways to help you complete your everyday goal.
Heart rate monitor is very exact; you have the option to connect to a Polar H7 chest strap also.

The Bad

Can not read complete mobile notifications on the display screen.
Very small charging port cover goes missing quite easily/
App has issues when synchronizing over Bluetooth.
$199 is a little bit high, particularly in comparison with its competitors.

The Unpleasant

That tiny plastic flap masking the charging port is the most unacceptable thing to deal with when you just want to charge your tracker.

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