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The new Polar A360 is a fitness tracker, exercise tracker, health band, sleep tracker, 24/7 tracker, etc. It’s an all-in-one approach to your fitness and health.

How does this watch hold up? Watch the review and decide.


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Polar A360 introduction

All that being said, the A360 is a nice product, but if you’re mostly searching for a fitness tracker that can track a variety of workouts and send out phone cautions, the Garmin Vivosmart HR is the better option at for less money.


Simple-to-customize design with interchangeable bands.
Device and app suggest methods to help you to complete your daily goal.
Heart monitor is rather accurate; you have the option to get connected to a Polar H7 chest strap in addition.

The Bad

Can’t read entire phone notifications on the display.
Teeny charging port cover goes missing easily/
App has troubles when syncing thru Bluetooth.
$199 is a little bit steep, in particular when compared to its competitors.

The Ugly

The little plastic-made flap covering the charging port is the most frustrating thing to handle when you would like to charge your tracker.

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