Noontec ZORO II HD On Ear Headphones
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• Professional sound but fashion look. ZORO is made for young people who love music, and who have high demands when it comes to the sound quality of their music. They have a passion for music, for life, and a renewed interest in leading active lifestyles. Their need for high sound quality as well as a contemporary design can only be met by a pair of professionally designed headphones which are also economically viable for young people.
•• ZORO II HD uses Noontec’s exclusive and most up-to-date SCCB acoustic technology in order to produce improved sound clarity, reducing the difference between the live music and what we hear, creating a more realistic representation of the live performance. Our SCCB technology gives your music a depth and balance that keep your daily soundtrack fresh and alive.
•• ZORO II HD employs Noontec’s newest Votrik HD400 40mm speakers, leading ZORO II HD to have a wider sound field which creates a better balance among treble, mid-range and bass creating more natural transitions.
•• Lightweight, foldable, adjustable, comfortable, durable. ZORO II HD is lightweight only 164g. ZORO II HD has adopted the much-loved foldable design of previous ZORO, which reduces volume of ZORO II HD by half. Once folded, it will fit easily into your luggage. ZORO II HD also comes with a free drawstring carry bag, which is not only for your convenience in storing your headphones, but also for the protection of the headphones.
•• ZORO II HD’s outer shell uses high hardness piano paint which looks shiny and is highly wear resistant. Even after a long time, it will still maintain an attractive and relatively new outer appearance. ZORO II HD has a highly sensitive microphone on its cable. The microphone is compatible with most smart phones including iPhone, Samsung, and SONY etc.


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