The Nexus 5X is the more compact and more budget friendly pick in Google’s existing smartphone product line. It rests in back of the Huawei-made Nexus 6P, which includes a larger sized 6in display screen, marginally quicker components and a higher, £449 selling price.

In comparison, the £339 Nexus 5X is noticeably cheaper than the Nexus 6P and a bit more economical than Apple’s emerging iPhone SE. However, it’s more costly than certain competitive mobiles, which include the £250 OnePlus 2, which theoretically is equal to most of its specs. It is not rather the simple bargain the Nexus 5 was.

But nonetheless, the 5X goes a long way to justify its elevated price on account of its utterly unskinned, future-proof version of Google’s latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. For that matter, the software system helps to make the Nexus 5X one of the top smaller sized devices that you can buy.

NEXUS 5X – DESIGN & Functions

The Nexus 5X has a very similar design to its precursor the Nexus 5, which isn’t astonishing considering both of those were made by LG firm.

Many may think the Nexus 5X looks a little bit dull, or unimaginative, but I’m a big fan of its design. The original Nexus 5’s soft touch back cover caused it to be among the most cozy mobiles that I have ever used. This remains true on the Nexus 5X thanks to a alike, soft-touch back. LG has surely taken what people loved about the Nexus 5 and enhanced it, which is wonderful.

Its 5.2-inch display screen indicates it is not a large mobile phone, also. It is actually about the same measurements and weight as the Samsung Galaxy S6 – it is simply several centimeters higher and broader, and has a weight of merely 136 grams. Hardly any room is used by the bezel all around the display screen, a fact enabled by the fresh finger print reader located on the back.

LG has achieved quite a few crucial design advancements that separate it from its 2013 precursor, though. The mobile phone comes with a Type-C port, compared to the Nexus 5’s outdated microUSB input. Google promises the input will deliver upgraded data transfer rate and charge speeds.

As spotted just now, LG in addition has taken advantage of Android 6.0 Marshmallow’s built-in “Nexus Imprint” support and inserted a finger print reader to the rear of the Nexus 5X.

The scanner comes with similar capability to Apple’s Touch ID scanner, enabling you to set the Nexus 5X to unlock or consent to several actions – Android Pay buys, for example – only after its user has verified their ID.

The setup process is simple and merely needed me to touch a finger on the scanner a few times.

After set up, I found out the scanner is on the list of best available on an Android Operating system smartphone. It read my finger print in nano-seconds

And for the period of my whole week with the Nexus 5X by no means once didn’t recognise me – regardless if used in the pouring rain.


The Nexus 5 and Nexus 6’s displays were both low-level. The Nexus 5’s display screen was to some extent discolored and a little dull to see. The Nexus 6 took things to the other extreme by featuring a unbelievably oversaturated display screen which altered colours.

The Nexus 5X’s 5.2inch , 424-pixel per inch (ppi) display screen is placed in a cheerful somewhere between the two. Colours are nicely balanced and don’t have the similar oversaturation seen on the Nexus 6.

They’re also relatively dazzling and do not look extremely dull or boring, as they did on the Nexus 5.

Black levels also are pretty decent, despite the fact they are not as deep as those viewed on top notch competing mobiles’ Super AMOLED displays, similar to the Galaxy S6. White levels are clean and additionally the viewing angle is perfectly wide and in my mind surpass those of the competing OnePlus 2.

Even though it isn’t ‘Quad HD’ (Also called 4K HD) similar to the Nexus 6P, icons and text on the the 5X’s Full HD (424 ppi) display screen seem well clear. I haven’t got any significant quibbles with the Nexus 5X’s display screen.

Nexus 5X Conclusion


unskinned Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Reliable screen
Powerful performance
Good build quality


No TF card slot
Average battery

Main Functions

Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor chip
12.3MP, f/2.0 backside shooter
5.2inch , 424 ppi display screen
Manufacturer: Google corporation
Launch Price: £339

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