Here I practice 4-axis toolpath creation in Mastercam:

– simple geometry creation
– creating surface by using lofting
– creating text
– projecting text onto surface
– creating Multiaxis toolpath
– back-plotting
– simulating
– troubleshooting

Note that this is not tutorial, it’s just me practicing, doing things ineffectively and making stupid mistakes.

P.S. Note to myself – never create geometry in Mastercam.


Axis Vidius video drone Conclusion

I wasn’t really impressed by the Vidius drone. It’s virtually 3 times as much as the Aerius drone ($35 compared to $95), but doesn’t do anything to make it appear 3 times better. The Vidius has one extra function, the ability to record, but it does it so badly(420P) it hardly makes it worth the price increase. Aside from that, the Vidius is fairly similar to the Aerius.

Operating the drone is not complicated, but it’s nowhere near as good as the most current drone I reviewed. I found it was impossible to fly the drone directly or have it hover in place for even a moment.

In the event that you wish a cost-effective, small drone, I would opt for the Aerius. In case you desire a video drone, I would select the Swann Xtreem Quadforce 720P video drone, it’s six dollars cheaper and has a lot better video quality.

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