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Polar A360 summary

All that being said, the A360 is a quality product, but if you’re principally hunting for a fitness tracker that can track multiple workouts and deliver handset alerts, the Garmin Vivosmart HR is the better choice at a lower price.


Easy-to-customize design with interchangeable bands.
Device and app suggest ways to help you finish your daily goal.
Heart rate monitor is rather accurate; you can hook up to a Polar H7 chest strap too.

The Bad

Cannot read complete mobile notifies on the screen.
Small charging port cover gets lost easily/
App has problems when syncing over Bluetooth.
$199 is a little bit high, especially as compared with its rivals.

The Ugly

That tiny plastic flap masking the charging port is the most unacceptable thing to handle when you want to charge your tracker.

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