Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Supported Language:
Electronic household devices
Part Material:
Painted ABS+PC, PMMA sticker, rubber feets
Mould material:
Multy Cavity
Household Product
Product Material:
Shaping Mode:
Packaging Details
wooden box or/and pallet for injection mould, PE bag or carton package for each set, pallet packing for final packing of order, 20 or 40 feet container for sea shipping
Yantian Shenzhen , Shekou Shenzhen

Product Description

Custom PCB/PCBA/flex circuit board prototypes/samples factory, project management agency

Mould material P20, 718, 738, NAK80, S136
Mould base components LKM(HK), DME(US), Futaba(JP), HASCO(DE), Pedrotti(IT), Bao Steel(CN)
Mould built technology standard machining or electrical discharge machining (EDM)
Cavity count single cavity or “family mould”, multiple cavity
Mould lifetime low-cost pre-production moulds 500-5000 shots
general purpose moulds 500.000-1.000.000 shots
precision crafted moulds 1.000.000-2.000.000 shots
high efficiencies/high precision moulds 500.000-1.000.000 shots
Mould lead time 15-60 days
Product materials pure or glass-filled ABS, PC, PP, PA(PA6, PA66), POM, PMMA, PS, PE and etc.
Three most common categories of plastic injection moulds:

  • General purpose moulds (500.000-1.000.000 shots)
    As to the first category, general-purpose molds are those molds without any tight dimensional steel tolerances and are made with common tool steel/hardness without any protective core and cavity coatings. Mold inserts are usually not exchangeable without extensive rework and the cavity and cores are usually constructed by EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) without provision for inserts.


  • Precision crafted moulds (1.000.000-2.000.000 shots)
    The second category of molds takes different tool steel and thermal expansion in consideration. Mold bases are made from standardized components for better serviceability and the cavity and core inserts are detailed and exchangeable. Areas of wear and tear are inserted, coated and exchangeable. In addition, great detail is given to venting of cavity and core. Molds that fall within this range of products are subjected to periodic stress relieve.


  • High effeciencies/high precision moulds (500.000-1.000.000 shots)
    The third category includes all of the above, additionally, these molds have all sliding surfaces equipped with roller/needle bearings. All support platens are designed to the maximum thickness. Usually, stainless steel is used to prevent corrosion on cooling circuits and cavity/core seating areas. These molds run cycle times usually below 10 seconds.

Type of Molds

Cold runner two-plate molds are the most commonly used molds and are the most simply constructed. It is followed in complexity by the three-plate cold runner mold, the hot runner mold, the hot manifold mold, and the most complex stack mold. Insulated hot runner molds are rarely used in today’s molding environment. Type of mould should be choosen according to product shape, required material and size of moulding part.

Our Services


Full project management

  • find and choice factory
  • production documentation confirmation
  • preparing the samples
  • control of production process timing
  • audit of finished goods quality
  • control of packaging and shipment

Our opportunities

  • single and multi-cavity molds
  • moulds for hot-chamber and cold-chamber die casting (metal injection)
  • mold for plastic injection mold for rubber/silicone/thermoplastic elastomers and rubbers (TPE, TPU, TPV, TPR)
  • mold for two-component injection (two-shot) molding machine (plastic + plastic or plastic + TPE/TPU)
  • molds for spin casting or centrifugal rubber mold casting (CRMC)
  • production of parts using plastic injection molding (ABS, PP, PC, PS, PA6, PA66, PE)
  • die casting for metal, such as zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, pewter and tin-based alloys
  • production of rubber/silicone/thermoplastic elastomers and rubbers parts (TPE, TPU, TPV, TPR)
  • manufacturing of cables and cable assemblies
  • molds for cable and connector overmolding
  • low-pressure molding (LPM) for PCB encapsulation
  • overmoulding of metal and plastic components and inserts
  • painting using acrylic-polyurethane paint, varnish coating, two-component polyurethane enamel with the “soft-touch” effect
  • coating of metal products with powder paint (Powder coating) and anodizing
  • tampon printing (pad printing), silk-screen printing and laser product labeling
  • searching and production of ironware and fasteners (bolts, screws, bushings, nuts, washers)
  • rolls of paper or plastic labels for thermal transfer barcode printers
  • transparent and custom PMMA parts, stickers and covers
  • colorful cardboard packing boxes and carton for production shipment
  • production of printed materials: user manuals and warranty cards
  • custom mechanical, pneumatic and vacuum-operated PCB/FPCB JIG test fixtures

Company Information

Company Profile


Shenzhen Carest Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. We provide service for subcontract manufacturing for components of household and industrial electronic devices and similar products which use plastic, metal and rubber materials. Our main task to provide competent manufacturer according to our customer’s task, solve problems at preproduction process and quality control of the finished production.

Our main product lines are moulds for plastic, metal and rubber components of household and industrial electronic devices, plastic toys for children, educational devices and talking pensd for children and adults, plastic products for advertisement, car parts, etc. Also, we offer turn-key PCB assembly services for those customers who want to import assembled PCB boards from China.


To provide our customers with the best quality and highly reliable products, we make strict quality control from the beginning of drawing conformation until the final packaging. We use safe high-quality materials and work with experienced factories.

We are an experienced and professional team, we have export our products to many countries and regions all over the world. Our products enjoy good popularity among our customers. We welcome customers, business associations and friends from all over the world to contact us and seek cooperation for mutual benefits.


PCB manufacturer, purchasing agency, PCB SMT

Contact information

Contact Person: Alice (sales manager)
Tel/Fax: +86-755-66621585
Mobile: 0086 13686478347
Skype: alice19890416
QQ/Wechat: 791143692

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