Chinese BTLE Beacon Manufacturers Chongqing Jinou Science & Technology Development CO., Limited

Founded in Sept 2000, it’s been the earliest Bluetooth management company in China which has been specialized in researching, making and distributing Bluetooth products and services.

Our company has qualified technicians centered on computer and communication. Moreover, knowledgeable teachers, doctors and master degree holders from universities and colleges of Communication are able of taking on R&D.

In the year 2000, Jinou Bluetooth Technology Institute was established as the 1st Bluetooth Technology Researching Institute in China, which brings about and control the standards of Bluetooth Industry. In our growth years, we attained intensive support from the government; we are involved in 20 wireless projects of government till now. And also, we attained at least 60 patents; publicized 10 works on wireless communication study; and accomplish over 30 disquisitions.

We can be your best partner with regards to high quality and support. We seek to deliver competitive price tag. We present OEM and ODM service to meet your needs. Our proficient salesforce has the experience to guarantee our customers to receive remarkable help and support. and our groups of 25 technicians are prompted to work and help on your project.

Product Lines

Bluetooth Modules
Smallest size, least power usage, and longest distance module.
Classical Bluetooth modules, Bluetooth Low Energy modules, dual-mode Bluetooth modules.
Chip: CSR, TI, Dialog, Broadcom, Telink, etc.

Producing iBeacon Work with iBeacon and eddystone
Android 4.3+ or iOS 7.0+
Indoors positioning
Storage and logistic
Person identification and monitoring
Advertisements pushing

Connect with Us

Chongqing JINOU Science and Technology Development Co., Limited
Location: Huaxuan Road #108, Hi-Tech Development Zone, Chongqing, China
Postcode: 400041
Internet site:
Contact Tel: +86-23-68903066
Fax: +86-23-68644164

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