The Ausdom S04 NFC Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Sport Headphones are a really nice set of headphones active person looking for great portable sound.

PRICE: $49.99

This pair of Bluetooth headphones is very light weight. They are attached by a plastic coated wire, with an integrated control module. The control module has a microphone built-in, volume up/skip track, volume down/back track, and a play pause button. I personally am not a big fan, as it is sometimes hard to find the right controls, and when you do, you run the risk of yanking these out of your ears. What I do like is that this don’t need to be jammed in your ears in order for them to stay securely on your head. So the fit is pretty comfortable.

These Bluetooth headphones also have NFC capability built in, which is great for the vast majority of Android users. You can set these up to play for favorite music app (example: Spotify) by tapping the headphone against your phone. I personally do not use these feature often, but it does work. These headphone sport Bluetooth 3.0, not the newest 4.1 standard, but you will not hear the difference. Sound is good, as is the volume. Making and receiving calls worked well, and callers said they could hear me OK. Battery life is rated a 5.5 hours of use. And usable range is 30ft from your phone.

Ausdom did send me these headphones in exchange for an unbiased review of their product.


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