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Ausdom M06 Bluetooth Headset Review And Hands-On
Ausdom makes really well made electronic gadgets and products, and I was excited when they asked me to test out a few of their products. They sent me the Ausdom M06 Bluetooth headset to play with.

This headset is a Bluetooth 3.0. Some of the newer headsets popping up on Amazon now have Bluetooth 4.0, and a few Bluetooth 4.1. With that being said, I could not hear any difference with this particular headset between the differing BT standards.

Packaging is really well done! In the box is the headset, micro USB charging cable, and a 3.5mm audio cable. And that is the extra bonus! You have “dual” modes with these headphones! You can run them via Bluetooth, or you can plug them in using the included audio cable. In my tests, I could not tell a difference in sound between the two. Which is a testament to the built-in Bluetooth quality.

Pairing this headset with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was quick and easy. The headphones also have a built in voice prompts (Power on, Pairing, Paired, Incoming Call, Power Off).

There are individual controls for each function… power on/off, volume up/down, pause/play, skip track forward/back. There is a large built in microphone, and call quality was very good. These headset have a built in noise isolation (I don’t think its active cancellation).

Music sound quality was very, very good. Deep bass, crisp sound, good treble. The headset is not very heavy, and they feel great on the ears. They are very well made.

The only “con” I will mention is that I wish they included a carrying case or bag.


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