Ausdom AH2 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Mic V4.0+EDR On-Ear High Fidelity Headphones

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I now own 4 headphones that either go on or over my ear, and I prefer over the ear personally for comfort but on the ear have a better seal and sound judging by my experience. and These AH2 headset are the cheapest at $60. They are not the best looking or feeling of the 4 I own, but it is the 2nd best as far as sound performance goes. No it doesn’t do anything special than the others, but it simply works and sounds really good.

As I was saying, it feels cheap and also has a stiff -stale feeling when holding or wearing them on your head. You can adjust them for a better fit though. When I first played a song, I love to test songs with lots of bass and high treble and vocals, and trap music has just that to test it with. After playing a few songs between all the other headsets i have, I came to conclusion that these are the second best in sound quality performance overall.

Again, they feel cheapy compared to my others, but they sure don’t sound as cheap as the others below it. Enjoy =]

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